By the time children are aware of fashion, they just about always know that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. And while that is not necessarily true in all cases, this general conception has held true for many years. And even as young girls grow into young women, the concept still holds true more often than not. They own pink clothing, cover everything in their room with various shades of pink – in fact the most popular sex toys for women are typically in some shade of pink! But why exactly do women love the color pink?

The reason really comes down to psychology.

And although you may be thinking that pink is related to femininity, think again! Many places outside the Western world do not have this belief – for example, in Japan, pink is associated with men (and highly popular in the country overall). However, the way countries like the United States do market pink creates a psychological effect that helps us view pink as a feminine color.

The biggest reason we see pink is feminine comes from the imagery of hearts which represent love.

And women are definitely the gender that is more infatuated with love and relationships. So when they see pink, they think of hearts and love and are immediately drawn to it.

Along the topic of colors associated with heart imagery, there is actually a very distinct difference between red and pink, both of which are colors of hearts in U.S. culture. While red is more aggressive and in your face, pink is a lot more calming overall. This psychology creates a sense of safety and vulnerability that is more welcomed and embraced by women compared to men.

In addition, the distinct aspect of pink being a typically lighter color when compared to red or other colors helps to engender feelings of compassion and general kindness, which is something that women definitely relate to and therefore welcome as a color of choice.

Another reference to the color pink is the phrase “rose-colored glasses”.

For those of you who don’t know, this phrase refers to seeing something with optimism – in other words seeing something as better than it really is. Although not an exclusive trait of women in the slightest, the sense of optimism and to a certain extent hope is very strong in women and therefore helps to cement itself as a factor when it comes to appealing to women.

Admittedly, not every woman will love the color pink.

However, if you do love the color, then hopefully the explanations above have helped you understand exactly why you love it. And although your general love (or at least appreciation) of the color pink is partially hardwired into your brain through mental conditioning as you grew up (for example the near exclusive use of pink with all Barbie dolls), the fact still remains that pink is just an all-around great color overall – and not just for women but even for men too! And now that you understand why women (and men love pink at a fundamental level, you can more effectively incorporate the color into your fashion choices moving forward!