The color pink is probably the most popular color when it comes to style and it will never seems to go out of fashion. What cements that fact is the growing number of female as well as male celebrities embracing the color pink, by openly wearing them for their public appearances. In this article, we will discuss how your pink top or blouse can blend well with your overall attire.

Pink can go well with many colors but can also cause an epic fashion blunder if the combo of colors does not match the shade of your pink.

As the entire game depends on the shades of pink, we recommend you go by the following combinations. First things first; there are the colors you have to avoid at all cost when it comes to pink. These are orange, red and yellow. These colors will get you the attention, but it won’t be the flattering kind.

Here are some combinations that do work.

If the color of your T-shirt or blouse complies with the darker shades of pink then compliment it with a pair of jeans or skirt which is dark grey or dark blue in color.

Other colors that will look good too are brown, black and white. We recommend dark pink attire mostly at night, when you’re hanging out with friends in a club and black is the best color to accompany a pink top on such occasions.

If you are thinking of wearing pink for the day, then do opt for a light pink top.

A white pant or a skirt will go well with your light pink top. Another color that can add to the level of elegance of your pink dress is the metallic sheen of silver. Silver is a great option for parties of a more casual nature. Long silver pants can be perfectly complimented with a half sleeve pink t-shirt or a pink sweater.

Many popular designers are now experimenting with the designs of pink tops.

You can now see different designs of pink blouses brushed in black or white stripes. Sometimes the effect is opposite with the prominence being more on the black or white colors, with pink acting as stripes. Both these combinations are in our opinion welcome experiments and should be definitely picked up for more casual occasions.

Along with different color combinations, the fashion market is littered with beautiful accessories that you can buy to add to the beauty of your pink top. If you are wearing a pink shirt with a ruffled skirt, you can make it more fashionable by adding a cherry red handbag as well as a necklace and a pair of black stilettos.

If you’re going with a more informal look, then style things up with light red glares, a brown or red backpack and casual white shoes. You can try other accessories like a pink hat, bracelets, and pouches to customize your look according to the event or day.

Your handbag color is the only accessory you need to take care of when seeking to accessorize your look with a pink top. Black, white, brown, and red handbags or backpacks can result in giving a chic look, try to avoid all other colors.

The color pink is still the first choice for many women around the globe when it comes to wardrobe selection.

Regardless of how fashion has changed, this much is true. By following the above simple tips you can stand out in the crowd with your pink top and look like a million bucks!