If you’re going to make a fashion statement, say it in pink! There is more to color than just a great looking garment. It impacts you and those around you immensely. It was used as a symbol of social stature and
gender in earlier times.

Color carries with it a power that is tied to psychological influences that are relative to your mood and social standing. Pink is one of the most expressive colors in fashion, wearing it comes with many connotations attached to the color. The pale reddish color can express sensitivity and tenderness.

It is also a strong influencer of polarity and emotions that pertain to femininity and surprisingly- masculinity under the pink umbrella. A flower with the same name is where the color got its name from, dating as far back as the 17th century. To wear pink boldly, you need to consider certain shades of pink.

Shocking pink is great for adding intensity & boldness to your outfit.

If you are not scared to go the whole mile with standing out, shocking pink is what you should aim for this season due to its richness.

An outfit that is great for complimenting the contours of your figure like a body suit or a taut fitting dress will work wonders for you.

The darker and bolder the shade of pink you choose to wear, the more intentional you have to be in wearing the color.

But if you are looking for a modest approach, you can start by wearing a lighter shade of pink or wearing it
as a part of your outfit. By selecting the darkness (or lightness) of your pink, you are afforded plenty of options to choose from that work for you! So whether you are outgoing or want to be more reserved with your outfit, you can find a decent shade of pink!

Rose pink is great for spring

It can be a fashion killer worn as an oversized jacket, a trench coat or a blazer paired with distressed or baby blue jeans. To spice up an outfit while keeping true to being modest, it is best to keep under the radar with an

You can keep a low-key by either wearing bubblegum pink as a small part of your outfits such as a clutch bag or a more central part of your outfits like a scarf, shoes, belt, a piece of jewelry or any visible piece of your attire.

Shoes can balance out your look and give it a more sensitive feel to it. You can pair an item with a neutral color like
white to tone it down a notch through color blocking.

A two-piece China pink suit can easily be neutralized by wearing a simple plain white t-shirt or dress
shirt underneath the unbuttoned blazer.

Playing with shades of pink is also a great way of avoiding plainness & to keep your outfit
interesting. Dirty pink, hot pink can go well with the lighter shade of pink like pale or baby pink.

Do not pair pink with shades that are too close to each other in color.

This will create the impression that the item with a lighter shade of pink you are wearing is worn out. Aim for more distinction between the shades of pink you wear. Avoid wearing pink clothing that has prints and embroidery that shouts out for attention.

The stereotype that men who wear pink are homosexual or too sensitive is very far from the truth. It is not just for women, men can wear pink proudly by either spotting the color throughout their outfit as a suit or using integral pieces to embolden their fashion-forward statements with scarves, bowties and other accessories.

Pubescent boys used to wear the color in England during the 19th century. The boys usually donned pink
ribbons to go along with their ensemble. As the older men wore red as a sign of maturity, the young boys wore pink because of its connotations as a symbol of innocence and childhood.

A pair of pink shorts paired with a casual V-neck shirt is a great look for summer.

In the 20th century pink in fashion became bolder and more daring as people became more assertive in their expression through fashion. This is great for all seasons as long as you can play with the shades to compliment your attire.

Ladies, help your men keep up with luxury fashion!