Should men wear pink? That’s among the mysteries in our modern society. Men are subject to scrutiny based upon their clothes. But should we characterize gender by color or clothes. Who came up with the phrase,” blue is for boys and pink is for girls”

Pink is a complimentary color usually associated with females.

But the key word here is “usually”. When it comes to fashion, especially in men, it’s between the grey areas. Most often than not, men wear pink but match that with darker colors, for instance pinked men shirts are very popular but they are worn with black or grey suits same with ties.

How to Wear Pink

Somewhat surprisingly, pink was worn by boys up to and through the 19th century and has only changed relatively recently (i.e. more than a century ago). Pink colored clothes are still worn by men though they come with darker colors just to dial down the flamboyancy. Fast forwarding to the current society the way of dressing especially in men defines your sexuality. Straight men have shifted the concept that pink doesn’t portray masculinity

In The Office

Pink can be incorporated in the common office attire. A pink shirt whether deep or light can be worn with both dull trousers and coats. A pink tie is worn with almost every shirt despite the color. Pinked coat suits can be worn it the office with a mixture of grey, black or light blue trousers or with duller shirts. Pink balances well with traditional masculine fashion accessories like suspenders or vests. Pink suits show confidence and ones desire to stand out


Pink buttoned down shirts are a perfect match with both jeans and khaki trousers or shorts. The best thing about pink is that it blends easily with almost every color available. Pink shorts and trousers blend well with rubbers. But where the contention begins is that when it comes to casual wear, pink t-shirts and sweaters should be avoided especially by straight men. Standing out and being confident doesn’t have to imply you raided a female closet. Polo shirts are linked to peppiness though they are an easier option.

Weekends And Holidays

Pink holiday shirts can be quite overwhelming since they can be confused with female attire mostly due to the art designs and floral patterns. The best part is that they can be mixed with different designs and embroidery. Pink shorts are cool for the summer though not too small as they may imply otherwise. Pink clothes are usually mixed with other colors to showcase artistry in the fabric. Pink spots are very common in men shirts.

Why Wear Pink?

Pink goes well with most every colors as well as compliment the skin color. Fashion in general is an individual style and it should not be a degree or extent of one’s masculinity or what sexual orientation they’re from. Pink was a masculine color and fashion gurus have set the record clear that it’s okay for men to wear pink. Also, pink is a complementary color and it makes you stand out showing power and command for respect. Pink catches women attention since most women like brighter colors. Supporting charitable organizations, most organizations use pink as their theme color and thus it stenches across every gender.

Pink IS for Men Too!

Men are afraid to experiment especially when it comes to wearing bright colors. Dressing is about a person’s style. Colors make us stand out and often empower our attractiveness. Fashion is a roller coaster and classics tend to come back just like long hair, dark lipstick and pinked men clothes.