By wearing pink shoes (in any shade!), you can convey that you are confident, classy, and fashionable. Below are some suggestions on how to incorporate pink footwear into your wardrobe and elevate your look.

Soft and Elegant – Pink and Gray

Combine a soft, dusty mauve pink shoe with a gray ensemble if you want to elegantly express some flair. If you like the idea of a pink and gray combination but hope to wear a more casual outfit, combine a rich, fuschia-toned pink tennis shoe with gray leggings out on your daily walk or run.

The contrast between pink and gray can be adapted to seem elegant or flirty, depending upon the look you want and the accessories you choose. Whether you hope to appear elegant or flirty, the combination of pink footwear and a gray pant or dress will bring attention to your legs and help you flaunt your style.

Young and Flirty – Pink and Denim

Soft, blush pink cowboy boots or lace-up sandals and light-wash denim shorts can help you achieve your perfect concert festival look. Pair with a breezy white top and a pop of a coral earring or necklace to effortlessly convey a flirty and easy attitude. Hot pink pumps also look great with skinny, dark-wash jeans for a night out dancing with friends.

Elegant and Bold – Pink and Navy

Do you work in an office environment and want to add a hint of flair without compromising your professional look? Just as the right combination of soft pink and gray can elegantly allow you to express your style, a smart navy dress paired with a blush-toned pink shoe will turn heads without ruffling feathers. A blush-toned pink pump will often help elongate your legs (similar to the effect of a nude shoe) and provide an extra hint of feminine flair.

Refined and Cultured – Pink and Cream

Pink and cream are an excellent combination for formal events, such as your next Derby party. This color duo screams “sophistication” and is particularly lovely in spring. Depending on your preferences and skin tone, soft pink and darker tan tones can also help you achieve the same refined look as a pink and cream mixture.

Springy and Preppy – Pink and Green

A rosy pink and green ensemble is perfect for achieving a preppy look. Combine white shoes with pink piping or pink pumps with a floral printed dress and envision yourself vacationing in the Hamptons! This color combination is also a great choice for attending a spring wedding or semi-formal event.

Bold and Daring – Pink and Red

Finally, if you are particularly bold and confident, do not be afraid to combine pink footwear with red elements in your outfit. Just as many women now mix black and blue intentionally, many women mix pink and red. If you choose this daring combination, make sure your completed outfit expresses that the combination is intentional.

You can make the look seem intentional by pairing your pink footwear and red top or bottom with accessories incorporating both colors. For example, a necklace with pink, red, and coral tones combined lets everyone know you love to play with color and visually explains why you combined red and pink together.

Remember, there are no rules!

The color combinations listed above are common gorgeous go-tos for fashion, but there are no rules. Any color worn with confidence can look stunning. So, wear your pink footwear confidently! Pink shoes, in any shade, always look best when worn with smiling, rosy cheeks.