When it comes to women’s fashion, pink is a must-have color if you want to stay trendy. However, you need to choose your colors and items carefully if you want to avoid a wardrobe disaster. For instance, we’re told that you can’t wear pink and red together because that’s a fashion faux pas.

But if you decide to wear red and pink together, you need to strike the perfect balance otherwise your outfit will look like it has been hurriedly clobbered together.

Also, you should only wear solid prints when trying to mix red and pink together.

If you incorporate prints into your outfit, you are sure to look like a victim of fashion as opposed to a trend setter. Wearing red and pink together will require you to accessorize with a different color. For instance, you can wear a pink dress and accessorize with a red scarf, beret, or statement necklace.

Also, you should wear a dark neutral color such as black to break the monotony.

To pull off your red and pink combo, you can try pink pants with a black jacket and a red top. Another way to mix red and pink is to wear a pink outfit with a red pair of shoes. Red lipstick can also go with pink nails if you wish to combine the two colors.

Color blocking is also good if you want to wear red and pink together. If you’re not sure how to color block, you can buy an outfit that has already been done for you.

You can also choose outerwear if you want to combine bold colors.

For example, you can wear a bold pink jacket with a red blouse or a pink coat over a red jumpsuit.

Also remember that whenever you’re in doubt, you should go bold. What it means is that bright pink goes very well with bold red, and this is a combination that can never go wrong.

If you want to avoid a fashion disaster, avoid wearing too much jewelry because you might end up looking like a gypsy at a carnival.

You should not over accessorize, especially if it’s pink jewelry.

Another thing you want to carefully consider is your makeup. Remember that fashion is’t only about wearing the trendiest clothes, and if you apply your makeup badly, people won’t notice the fashionable clothes you’re wearing because their eyes will be drawn to your face.

If you want to wear lip liner, don’t make it too obvious.

Also, your lip liner should be a shade darker compared to your lipstick.

You also need to wear clothes that fit, especially if you’re wearing bright pink. Apart from looking shabby, tight clothing will look very inappropriate and will be considered bad fashion choices.

Also, women need to consider their underwear because there is nothing as shabby as visible panty-line. If you’re wearing a pink bra, ensure that it’s not visible underneath your top.

If you can follow the above tips, you can wear pink with confidence and make a bold statement.