If you are a woman, you would never miss a pink in your wardrobe. This color always stands out and enhances your inner beauty. The variety of shades that come with pink dresses can do more for you. You can have them go from pretty to posh by choosing the right shade. The shade you take and the style you carry must go with your personality and complement the occasion you are enjoying. Here is your pretty little guide to when to wear pink and how to wear it to look your best.

Blush Pink:

The quiet blush pink color can look both bold and delicate. A blush pink leather jacket worn over a vintage dress will be best suited for a formal meet as it will bring out the bolder and independent personality in you. A pleated dress of the same color on the other side will add the feminine touch to your fashion which is best used in a grand party.

Ice Pink:

Ice pink pastel dresses can give you a flirty look and would make an amazing color for your prom dress. You can either have an embroidered Madeline icy pink dress or try a floral ball gown with its undertone.


A magenta pink celebrity style satin grown gives you a modest look with a touch of elegance. Even with a single tone on your gown, you will attract most attention with the classy touch. A grand party or a festive occasion in which you could be in the limelight would be the best time to wear it.

Rose Quartz:
This shade presents a plethora of opportunities for you to go from flattering to exciting look. It can make you an eccentric wedding dress when textured and a serene corporate outfit when guided by another undertone like a bluish tinge.

Brighter Shades:

A lace dressed with brighter shades of pink like strawberry or punch would look prodigious in usual occasion or a small party and you will make your own brand statement. Try the laced skirts and your look turns sizzling especially suited for parties dominated by youth.

Mix with other Colors:

You will enjoy a super-versatile look if you mix your pink with other brighter shades like orange or blue. You can wear such a dress on a joyful occasion like your best friend’s wedding or a beach party.

Coral Pink:

Coral Pink can give both the warm and cool, look depending on which color you mix it with, on your dress. A dark color worn with deep coral pink would give a warm look best suited for spring or summer time. A lighter shade like lime with light coral would give you a cool countenance.

Neon Pink:

This flashy color can be mixed with a suppressed undertone like grey in contrast to make it stand out and yet not look like a grandma piece. This color gives you quite a bold look when worn alone so try a deep neck or a drape around it so you will look super sexy.

Add Texture:

A slight edge or a subtle embroidery on a light pink shade like rose or crepe gives you a chic look and makes you draw attention. Wear them with darker shades in winter and neutrals in summers for best impact.