The color pink is universally believed to represent the love of oneself. It is generally associated with babies, girls, women, sweet, cute etc. and therefore majorly tagged as a feminine color. The color pink is a very happy color and is rarely associated with sad occurrences except in solidarity for worldwide causes.

There are various shades of the color pink, and they are; Light pink, Hot pink, Champagne pink, pale pink, Spanish pink, cameo pink, etc. In today’s marketing and branding, color plays a very important role as marketing experts have through research found that color affects people psychologically and therefore plays a role no matter how minimal in their daily transactions.

Like many other colors, the pink is very multidimensional but is largely seen as a feminine color which is why it is today associated with so many things feminine. It is commonplace in the world today to notice even normal parents subscribe to the stereotype of the colour pink for girls, and the blue counterpart for boys, it is also needless to say that a lot of girls have subsequently grown into this stereotype so much that over sixty per cent of the world female population has at one time or the other being in love with the colour pink.

In this post, we are a lot more interested in looking at how the color pink is constantly being leveraged by various businesses, especially women brands for successes and maximum sales conversion. According to a recent study, a sizeable majority of women’s brand produce over seventy percent of their products with the color pink so as to attract the womenfolk. It is even more interesting to note that this color appeals to the generality of women and not just a particular age range.

The color itself has proven to be very successful in women’s branding as it not just portrays feminine spirit in diverse ways, from being perceived as a cute color for small babies, to be a strong color representative for the fight against breast cancer. This is very revolutionary as it not just connotes popular fan love for a color, but borderline spiritual following, so much that in recent times any girl who is not intrigued by the color pink is sometimes referred to as gay.

The color pink is, of course, being sampled by many brands to exploit its worldwide acceptance and susceptibility. The fashion market is no doubt dominated by billions of women from all over the world who may all share the general love for pink and therefore contribute to its rising relevance. Most times when women’s brands adopt the color pink into their brand, they find it easier to connect to their target audience who are able to resonate with their products faster than anything simply because of the love for pink. Some of the name brands which have constantly ridden the pink wave are;

● Popular female hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj has always expressed her love for the color pink ever since the inception of her career and has never at any point attempted to hide it. She even does own a complete album named after the color pink titled The Pink Print and has reiterated that the color pink is a huge part of her life since she was a kid.

● Another huge name brand worthy of mention here is Victoria’s Secret, with a lingerie line fittingly called Pink. They strategically use the color pink to target their younger female audience. And although they do offer a wide range of other colors, the do still focus on deploying different shades of pink to continually attract women and keep their business highly profitable.

● Another brand that continually samples the color pink on its product in order to leverage popular love for it by the womenfolk is a popular female cosmetic brand Mary Kay which brands all her products with the color pink.

Without a doubt, pink is a great choice for branding as has been proven time and time again!