I'm going to be incorporating more skincare and beauty posts to the blog since the older I get the more important it is that I try to preserve what I have now and if I find something that's effective I love sharing the goods. I've always been into skincare, I'm not the type of girl who takes her face off with a make up wipe and goes to sleep. The steps in my skincare routine are something I really look forward to every night and although I'm not as hardcore as some people out there (I'm not looking to spend 30 minutes each night on a regimen) but I definitely enjoy relaxing in the bathroom and taking the day off my face.

Sunday Riley has been on my radar for quite some time but I never bit the bullet. Last year I tried some of my cousins Ceramic Slip, a cleanser, and thought it was a nice departure from my foaming cleansers but I had only sampled it. I had a few products bookmarked and that I read reviews on, the whole line seems to be hit or miss. I zeroed in on Good Genes since I have several beauty oils and it seemed like an interesting "do it all" type of product. It's not often that a product will really make me fall head over heels in love with it but that's exactly what happened. 

I'm a fan of chemical exfoliants over rough and grainy ones, and I hadn't experimented much with lactic acid before. The highlights of what Good Genes claims to do is: fixing uneven skin tone and dullness, reduce dark marks, smooth out wrinkles. I don't have any wrinkles but I do have acne scars and uneven skin tone so those were my main concerns. After using it every night for a week I couldn't believe what a difference it had already made. My scars had significantly lightened up which is the most difficult problem to fix since they stay around FOREVER on my skin type. Overall things seemed a lot smoother in texture and much more even which I never experienced before from a single product. I had a few small break outs and it seemed to zap them away after one or two nights. It's seriously amazing but don't forget it's not a miracle product. There's only so much skin care can do but so far I'm really impressed. The first time I applied it I did experience a burning/stinging sensation but the following consecutive nights it didn't sting. It will come back if I take a break from using it for a few days. It's a slightly thicker serum/thin moisturizer in consistency and half a pump is sufficient for my whole face but the product does seem to go rather quickly so I'm trying to conserve it since it's pricey, but it's so good that I want to use it every night! If you're an avid review reader like I am you'll probably think this is a crapshoot, but for me this is a product I plan on buying again.