Mom Knows Best

I've mentioned before on the blog and in interviews that one of the most important things I've ever learned from my mother when it comes to fashion is to really spend the $$ on the classics which will withstand the test of time. Of course, I didn't listen to that in my late teens and early twenties and most of those clothes are now sold or tucked away deep, deep in the back of my drawers, but now it's the mantra I chant in my head while going shopping. My eye is drawn to certain trendy items here and there, but my mom still sticks to her conservative and classic style without fail. Since our styles differ so much it's not often that I'll want to borrow something but when I saw this jacket in her closet it was love at first sight. With black and white tweed and metallic threads running through the fabric, it's gorgeous and I just had to sneak it back to the city with me (well no, I got her permission first) but who knows when she'll get it back ;)

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