An Oxymoron

In my high school it was actually considered cool and stylish to wear any variation of sweatpants, whether they were Juicy Couture or from the football team. It was even cooler to wear them with these sandals...and socks. Yes, I'm guilty of being a victim of this hideous trend (occasionally) but they were just so freaking comfortable. Since living in New York I vowed to never ever wear sweats out my front door again until recently. Luxury sweatpants? What an oxymoron, and I'm not referring to the repulsive velour variations with rhinestone catchphrases on the ass. The trend of leather sweatpants is a far cry from those and I have been wearing my buttery-soft pair non-stop since I got them. Last winter I did a winter essentials post and this year these pants alongside a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans that are just amazing, are what's been in heavy rotation. Same goes for my beanie and heattech long sleeve shirts. I'd probably be frozen on some corner in the Lower East Side without them.

Uniqlo heattech shirt, Vince leather sweatpants, Topshop boots, AA beanie, Pamela Love necklace

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