Cheap But Effective - Aztec Clay Mask

I came to learn about Aztec clay masks while randomly browsing Instagram and the caption was something like "THIS IS THE SHIT!!!" Intriguing. I looked up reviews only to find hundreds and hundreds of people raving about this stuff. I found it in my local Whole Foods and $7.99 for a 1 lb tub wasn't too bad considering I've purchased $80 masks that were a quarter of the size. You're supposed to mix it with apple cider vinegar which already has a cult following for its multiple health benefits. I had previously bought a bottle of Braggs ACV (the best brand out there and if you're not going to get Bragg, find another organic and unfiltered ACV) and mixed equal parts of the powdered mask to make a paste. You're required to apply quite a bit of product, like 1/4" thick, and a heaping teaspoon of the powder was sufficient for me.

I let it sit for 30-35 minutes and by the end I was totally unable to move my mouth and since this stuff is so strong it draws all the blood to your face while sucking all the gunk from your pores and you'll feel it throbbing or "pulsating" as it says on the tub. Doesn't hurt though, it actually feels pretty good. Taking it off is kind of a bitch though so I washed my face in the kitchen sink to avoid clogging up my bathroom. As indicated on the label, my face was red for a bit but since I applied it before going to bed I didn't care and the next day my skin wasn't miraculously perfect but I did see good results and a bit of a glow. I used it again a few days later and it only made things better! So, this is something I definitely wanted to recommend to anyone would be interested and both ingredients are natural and inexpensive, yay! The application/removal process is a bit laborious, but I don't mind going the extra mile for my skin.

You can find the mask on Amazon as well.