The Best Travel Bag Ever

Le Travel Bag! An essential but often overlooked item that should be found in everyone's closet. You're without one? You're still using that beloved but totally-not-cool-anymore Hello Kitty duffel bag? Don't worry, my friends behind Lo & Sons can help you fix that. All of their travel-friendly products are thoughtfully designed and have function and style in mind. Isn't that rare? I mean, a Goyard trunk is beautiful and all but my God, it's not fun to lug around. I love my O.G. bag which can fit the perfect amount of items (see below photo) for a weekend trip. These bags double as great work bags as well. Inside there aren't just pockets, there are POCKETS! And extra nooks and crannies for you to tuck phones and keys into in an organized fashion. Lo & Sons also just debuted two leather camera bags that will come out in Fall '12 but you can be added to the wait list now.

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