Beauty Faves Updated

1. Benefit Erase Paste - I'm only getting older and in the past year one morning I woke up with dark circles under my eye and was absolutely horrified. I love this pink-tinted super creamy concealer to minimize the bluish dark circles. Blends in well and I've never had problems with it settling into fine lines or anything.

2. Stila Smudge Pot - Since losing the black eyeliner pencil I had for years, I looked for a substitute that wouldn't give me raccoon eyes when I rimmed my bottom waterline. Smudge Pots are the answer! They've been around for years but I never paid any attention to them. Although I only use it as a liner, they make for great primers I hear.

3. Sephora Moonshadow palette in In The Dark - I only wear neutral eyeshadows or blue/purple colors, so this palette is perfect for me. The colors are highly pigmented and the right amount of shimmer to make the shadows pop. Also, that cobalt blue color is the prettiest. I had been looking for the right blue forever and this is it.

4. Make Up Forever HD Foundation - My foundation of choice for the past two years. I mentioned it before in a previous beauty post but can't say enough how much I love this. It's medium coverage but definitely buildable and the array of shades will guarantee you find your match!

5. Beauty Blender sponge - This is probably the best beauty discovery I've made within the past year. I've seen it mentioned many times in magazines but I always ignored it thinking "I've tried sponges before, I don't care for them." Then something prompted me to try it out and I only wish I bought one sooner, they're awesome. I had just purchased a MAC 187 stippling brush for my foundation a month before buying the sponge and I haven't even touched it since (although I feel guilty because it was fairly expensive). You wet the sponge and squeeze the excess water out and the damp sponge will allow the foundation to glide on and blend more easily. Since there are no real edges on the Beauty Blender, that prevents from any unblended harsh lines on your face. Not cute.

6. Smashbox Duo Blush - Discovering my new favorite blush came as an accident while shopping on Sephora's site and I needed something cheap to qualify me for free shipping. I threw this blush/highlighter duo that originally cost $30 but I got it for $7! So if I hated it, it wasn't a big loss. It turned out being the perfect salmon blush with very subtle shimmer which I prefer over matte blushes. The bronzey shade looks darker than how it will actually turn out on skin. They're just so pretty and natural looking. It's no longer available on at all, but I found it on Amazon at the regular price.

7. Shu Uemura Brightening UV Mousse - I came across this amazing product when it came in a big birthday gift box. It's a pale lilac colored mousse that has SPF 30 that once applied will make your skin a little lavender until it's all blended. The lilac color also helps correct Asian skintones which are predominantly yellow for a more "enhanced" look. Once I apply my foundation on top, it makes my skin just look....better. I don't really know how to describe, I guess it's brighter but my make-up looks better, smoother, and more evened out. I don't think it's advertised as a primer, but I use it as one and since it's a mousse it's much lighter than all other products and I LOVE it. So glad I received it, it's another top favorite.

8. NARS matte lipstick in Carthage - Hot hot hot pink! The formula of this lipstick is really great. Super creamy, not sticky at all and moisturizes my lips nicely. I rarely wear lipstick, unless it's nude but even with those I don't wear them often, however I'm in love with this shade. It's shockingly bright and perfect for a statement look.

9. Bumble & Bumble Tonic Lotion - I'm not exactly sure what this stuff is supposed to do, but what I love is that it makes my hair fall more nicely into place when I use it, makes it feel softer and more manageable. Simple as that.

10. Bliss Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask - A professional strength deep cleaning mask that does what a lot of masks claim to do. Shrink pores, minimize breakouts, and help remove dead skin cells from your face. You squeeze two different gels from the pump and mix them together to "activate" the mask. Fancy shmancy, I just like how it makes my skin feel. S'nice.

11. Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel - A gentle but effective exfoliant that comes in powder form that will lather up once you combine it with water. It makes my skin feel super soft and it doesn't irritate my skin since it doesn't have any rough granules. But since it's not a deep exfoliant, you'll have to use something a little stronger to exfoliate deeper. Since it's so gentle you can use it daily. This definitely is a cult product, so many people claim they can't live without it.

12. Make Up Forever HD Powder - I totally forgot to include this in the collage but this is a crucial product! I have tried to give powders a fair chance before but the end result is the same and I feel like my skin turns out cakey and I look older. I tried this MUFA powder out after reading awesome reviews and I've been really happy with the result. I don't use it all over my face daily, but what I love doing with it is after I've put on Benefit's Erase Paste, I use the powder with a fluffy eyeshadow crease brush and apply it over the concealer. I know that applying powder under the eyes is a no no but with this stuff it WORKS. It's the equivalent of using the blur tool in Photoshop and blurring the imperfections under the eyes, I LOVE it. Helps the concealer to blend in better, slightly brightens and no creasing into fine lines either.