A study in shoes

What is it about shoes that drives women insane? I think Toni Collette's character in In Her Shoes said it best "Shoes always fit." They're always reliable and no matter how fat or unattractive I might be feeling, a great pair of shoes will always cheer me up because they can never look bad on my feet.

Over the years people have emailed and commented asking me to post my entire shoe collection. Well, to do that would probably be an extremely laborious process, but also pretty boring. I've picked a few pairs that I really love and haven't been seen on my blog that often. Meet the lesser known players.

1. Miu Miu 2. Alexandra Neel 3. Gucci 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs (these are the first designer shoes I purchased on my own in high school. I never wear them but I'll never throw these away!) 5. Miu Miu 6. YSL 7. Missoni 8. Chanel 9. Alaia