I cut my hair! Just kidding, it's tucked away back there somewhere but I've been toying with the idea to chop it off to about this length. It seems to make everything look more put together. Hm...

I found this top recently and just loved everything about it. The off-white color, the neckline, the way the sleeves fall on my shoulders and make them look narrower (hehe) and how beautifully simple it is. I just hope I can keep this free of stains! I would also like to introduce my new shoes that I call my Gaga shoes because they're so freakin chunky and high. I'm unbelievably tall when I wear them, I love it!

Top - Zara
Pants - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Surface To Air
Bracelets - Hermes, Cartier
Watch - Cartier
Ring - Lee Angel