Givenchy & chocolate cake

I bought this Givenchy piece several months ago, actually my mother picked it out and showed it to me while we were at Barneys. I gasped. Heavy embellishments make my knees go totally weak. I have to be super careful when wearing it, the front is very sheer material and a single snag would just destroy it, eek.

After hanging around SoHo I was craving something sweet, and when the selection at Balthazar disappointed my friend and I went to The Best Chocolate Cake In the World in Nolita. This tiny cafe offers two types of the cake, traditional and bittersweet. We opted for the bittersweet but it was still super sugary. Layers of mousse, cake, and meringue made for a really great combination and the ganache on top added a nice smooth but slightly chewy texture. So good and so dense, but definitely need a bitter coffee to take the sweetness down.