Hong Kong

This was my second time visiting Hong Kong, my first time was about 15 years ago so I didn't remember much. Since designer items in Korea are insanely expensive, the trip to HK was sort of our time to go shopping :) The city was a lot more diverse than I expected and one major convenience was that almost everyone spoke English so communicating was easy. I was really looking forward to eating some great Cantonese food but only one experience was memorable, we seemed to have bad luck with the restaurants which was really disappointing but at least I got to find one of my favorite dishes, xiaolongbao! Mm mm, soupy goodness.

I'll slowly but surely be posting my purchases, there are some things that I'm REALLY excited about so stay tuned! Also, a big thank you to everyone who left a comment with recommendations in both Seoul and Hong Kong, I definitely followed some of your advice and it resulted in a fantastic trip!