Vogue Girl

I was trying to access the U.S. Style.com but since I'm currently in Korea I kept getting redirected to the Korean website, which is how I found these little gems. I am totally in love with the styling in this Vogue Girl editorial, everything is spot and very different from what I've seen the girls around here wearing. Seoul is a city that puts a lot of focus on trends and almost everyone wears similar items and does their make-up the exact same way. Very pale milky skin with a lot of iridescent highlighting, no color on the cheeks, full brows and defined eyes, a lot of girls wear those circle lenses too. Very pretty but not something I could pull off, it's amazing how different I look despite the fact that I'm Korean too.

I would love to have me a violet mini Hermes Constance bag!

Hope everybody had a safe and very happy holiday! Xoxo