Christmas dinner at the Shilla Hotel

Currently updating from the Incheon airport where my family and I are waiting in the lounge to leave for Hong Kong! Wanted to share how we spent Christmas which was by having a quiet evening eating dinner at the Continental restaurant in the Shilla Hotel that offers French with a Korean influence.

Gorgeous crystals that hung in the hotel lobby.

View from the restaurant. The light reflections look like stars and the moon, no?

Brioche with black truffle cream, a potato blini with caviar, and oyster cappuccino.

The baguette and butter here were actually super delicious and flavorful. The onion roll was a little too greasy for me.

Shrimp carpaccio with citrus and fennel vinaigrette. Fennel is one thing I cannot eat whatsoever (like cilantro) so I didn't enjoy this course very much :(

Cod with braised leeks, tomato concasse, and a champagne emusion.

Foie gras, duck breast with endive, lentil puree and orange sauce.

Dry-aged and grilled Korean ribeye with madeira sauce, white asparagus, porcini mushrooms and onion.

Valrhona chocolate ganache, sable cookie, vanilla ice-cream, and almond tuille.

Little post dinner treats.

(I looked like a total asshole in this pic hence the more pleasant pink smiley face)
Fur coat - Vintage
Dress - From a Korean boutique
Tights - Wolford
Boots - Miu Miu
Bag - Chanel

Browsing the stores downstairs but everything was closed. A display of gorgeous Korean embroidered pillows.

Gorgeous Hanok-style architecture.