I hope everyone had a great Halloween, having it fall on a Sunday this year seemed to really stretch out the partying and as a result I still feel exhausted even though I didn't do anything too crazy. But then Halloween in New York is like Halloween on steroids..

Friday was a masquerade ball and since I think masks are so uncomfortable I put Swarovski rhinestones around my eyes, yes I put each INDIVIDUAL crystal on there with eyelash glue..painfully meticulous but I loved the end result - which you can't even see in these photos :( I didn't exactly have a costume, I just wore the American Apparel leotard that I got for my Lady Gaga costume last year but when my friends saw me they said I looked like one of the girlies from the Single Ladies video. Yeah? Ok, works for me! Then on Saturday my friends and I planned on attending some supposedly crazy warehouse party in Brooklyn. What should have been a great evening was cut VERY short due to a chaotic crowd in a chaotic venue. I didn't even know what was going on but by 1 a.m. I was freezing cold and drunk and wanted to go home where I had a proper toilet and didn't have to squat on the sidewalks to pee. Then on Sunday, I nursed my hangover and rested..

The beautiful ladies!

The dapper gentlemen!

Me in my dead bride costume. I actually wore this two years ago and loved it so much I had to recycle it. The dress is an actual wedding dress that I got on ebay for a great price and Nicole helped me make my veil from tulle.

my head looks totally detachable

Nicole was....something. She was inspired by Mary-Anne from True Blood and made her headpiece from paper mache and tulle!

And a peacock! I regret not taking more photos, I was so out of it :( Next year!