Eye candy

Balthazar is where many New Yorkers flock to for good French bistro food in addition to pastries and artisan breads. The main bakery for Keith McNally's restaurants (Pastis, Schiller's, Minetta Tavern, and more) is located in Jersey and they ship the goods to the various locations in New York. Even though it's kind of a pain to get to, I love coming here because usually when I stop by the Balthazar in New York, it's never at a good hour and all the things I wanted to eat are gone. There's always a superfluous amount of pastries here so my mother and I lose our heads over them.

That is all BUTTER. All I wanted to do was dig my hands into that giant mountain of sin and mush it around, lol.

I'm always tempted to buy a chocolate roundel even though I have no idea what I'd do with all that.

Rhubarb galette decorated with orange zest and pistachios.

I snuck a bite of my mom's toasted brioche with almonds.

Cannele, which is baked in a copper mold so the exterior is a little caramelized and crunchy while the insides are custardy and really moist. SO good, I should have bought more.

Chanel tattoos, I couldn't help myself!

I was feeling pretty down last week and needed major retail therapy. Miu Miu flats and a Chanel 2.55 bag were the answer to my problems. I've been saving for this lambskin 2.55 for a while now, I hope my clumsy self doesn't scratch the leather to hell!