A la Momofuku

I love David Chang. There is no other way to start this entry. He is a culinary genius and his cooking philosophy results in neurotic dishes that are bursting with big flavors and creativity. His Momofuku empire is taking off and he's become one of the most noted chefs in the country with his 3 restaurants: Momofuku Noodle Bar, Ssam bar, and Ko. Of course there's also the Milk Bar which is an amazing bakery. I've made a post about the Milk Bar previously, but now I'm updating on one of the most delicious cookies I've ever tried..that I made! Christina Tosi, the pastry chef for the bakery, came on the Martha Stewart show to make the blueberry & creme cookies and of course I had to make them for myself since this is my favorite thing to get from the Milk Bar.

The recipe was slightly more labor intensive than your average cookie, but so worth it. The only inconvenience was collecting the ingredients. It calls for 2 things that I've never worked with before: glucose and milk powder. Specialty bake stores will probably carry glucose, but I got mine from Amazon.com..they have everything!

Making the "creme" part of the cookies, milk crumbs.

Let them bake in the oven to dry out

Adding the melted white chocolate to the crumbs

You also need to use a European butter, they specified for Plugra, which has a higher butterfat content making it richer than American butter.

Adding the glucose, this stuff is so messy!

Used a standard ice-cream scoop to make larger cookies.

This great blog, Momofuku for 2, features other recipes. She did a post on her blueberry & creme cookies as well.

My dad surprised me by sending me a copy of Chang's cookbook when it came out. I haven't been ambitious enough to make anything (he's partial to a lot of weird and obscure ingredients..meat glue?!) but I love how it's written and the food looks great! I finally snagged a reservation at Ko for this weekend so hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera and take some photos there :)