Stress release cookies

The best way for me to work out any negativity is in the kitchen, and specifically baking. Something about the focus to details and precisely measuring ingredients relaxes me. Late one night over the weekend, I flung open my kitchen cabinets to see what I could scrounge up and came up with the ingredients for two different types of cookies that I love thanks to Food Network goddesses, Ina and Paula. White chocolate with cherries and chocolate white chocolate chunk cookies.

Paula's recipe: The only change I made was switching candied cherries for tart dried cherries. The super sweet white chocolate mixed in with a little sourness is sooo good. Also, I try to make sure that I get my hands on really good just makes life so much better.

Mini ice-cream scoop is the easiest way to scoop out dough.

Thank god for Silpat. They're reusable silicone baking sheets that nothing sticks to.

So chewy and and rich and chocolatey..perfection.