Shy thighs

I've been on the hunt for a pair of slim suede kneehigh boots and found them in the most unlikely place...Zara! I say unlikely because I see a pair of shoes that I like from there, all that is left are the larger sizes. The heel is a modest height so they're comfortable to walk around in and now I can finally have my Pretty Woman moment.

Oh, and what was in the YSL box were a pair of Tribute pumps :) It honestly took a while for me to warm up to them but now I can't believe I doubted how beautiful they are. Wearing it with a leather rabbit mask I found on Etsy (find them here) which has a Jason-esque quality to it. Another item to add to my collection of rabbit/bunny items..I have an obsession.

Dress: vintage, boots: Zara, belt: Hermes, shoes: YSL, watch & bracelet: Cartier

I've been getting several requests to do a beauty post. That's coming next so stay tuned!