Leather wedgies & beauty things

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I've been wanting leather shorts for a while and won these on ebay for $14! They fit perfectly but the only problem is how uncomfortable they are when I sit down since they're a super durable leather it feels quite stiff and it rides up my butt. I wore this to go out to dinner last night where I stuffed my face and drank tons of beer. TERRIBLE IDEA, I thought my stomach was going to explode.

Top: Zara
Shorts: Vintage
Tights: Gerbe
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Necklaces: Tiffany's and Pamela Love
Bag: Chanel

As previously mentioned, this is my version a beauty post. I'm surprised I've gotten so many requests because I don't think I'm that beauty savvy (no make-up tutorials here, sorry!) despite the fact that my bathroom is overflowing with products. But here is a list of my absolute favorite things

I've used this Neutrogena make-up remover for years, just gets everything off. Dermalogica face wash that was previously the "Anti-Bac" formula..they changed it up.

In the winter I get dry areas on my face and this Kiehl's moisturizer is a lifesaver. Also don't leave the house without spf!! This Clarins one is non-greasy and gets absorbed quickly.

A luxury item but I love La Mer, this scent is so good. This is the oil-absorbing moisturizer.

My holy grail foundation, YSL's "Perfect Touch". L'Oreal concealer that blends wonderfully, used under my eyes. Laura Mercier's "Secret Camoflage" concealer

I've used a lot of bronzer in my life and this is the best, no glitter or shimmer, not too orange. Looks like I need a new one!

Chanel blush in "40 Mystery" this pinkish-brown tone compliments Asian skintones and isn't too pigmented so it looks natural.

the BEST liquid eyeliner ever, like bronzers I've tried a lot of liquid eyeliners and this Dior is the easiest to control. There's a hefty price tag but I'm obsessed. Benefit's Eye Bright's a light pinkish eyeliner that's good for applying in the tearducts or along the rims for a wide-eyed mod look.

though my make-up collection has a lot of expensive brands, I tend to opt for good old drugstore eyeshadows from Revlon and Almay. Revlon mineral eye shadow in "Midnight Garnet". This rich dark brown color has tiny flecks violet and is absolutely gorgeous.

To compliment my almost black eyes, I wear a lot of violets/blues. Left: Almay Intense i-color in "Trio for Browns 021" Right: Revlon 12 Hour eye shadow in "11 Sultry Smoke"

I've used this mascara for 7 years! Maybelline Lash Discovery (I use the waterproof)

I'm not a big lip product girl because I'm too lazy to reapply gloss and whatnot but when I do wear some I use neutral tones (or red, once in a blue moon). Cle de Peau's Extra Silky Lipstick in "110"

Stila Lip Glaze. Top: Fruit punch, bottom: Grapefruit
This stuff is so great and leaves my pores feeling vacuum-cleaned!

Nail polish. 1. Revlon Top Speed in "Shazam" 2. Chanel in "Vendetta" (dark purple) 3. Rescue Beauty Lounge in "Revamp" (black with tiny bits of red glitter)

Ahhh, mess!