Last chance at Love for Halloween

An outfit I wore recently that is probably going to be the last time I wear this much color for the season. J.Crew had the cutest triple pack of colored ankle socks over the summer and I couldn't refuse, especially these cobalt blue ones. I also picked up the hot pink ones which I need to wear before it gets too cold out for skirts! I'm wearing a skirt that I bought in high school six years ago and the most comfortable heels I own.

Uniqlo trench, J.Crew tshirt & socks, Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, Chloe shoes

I'm a bit late with the Halloween pictures, but here they are. I took all my stuff to get ready at my friend's apartment and of course I forgot the most important element of my Lady Gaga outfit, my sequined moto jacket. Argh, but at least I made a hair bow and that helped people recognize who I was :/ otherwise I probably looked like an aerobics girl.

I have to give some major kudos to my friend Nicole who was the Queen of Hearts. She made practically everything..the crown, the card collar as well as a feather collar she added for more drama. Her makeup was badass too.

The guy on the left was Wesley AND Buttercup from the Princess Bride! She's attached to him hahaha.
Nicole works for Pamela Love and I absolutely love the crow skull necklace which are sold out in most boutiques so she graciously hooked me up with a silver one. I LOVE.