Welcome to my home

Visionaire 50th issue nesting dolls

Some of my "shi shi" books, unopened mini champagnes I received for my 21st birthday.
A print Richard Kern gave to me when I worked for him, I have been keeping this safe for over a year now I should really get it framed because it's amazing and from his earlier work which I looove.
"for like ever" poster made famous by a Domino issue, art books, and my little headless doll that I found in an antique store downtown.
my other cat, Crumb, who is kind of a bitch
A pigeon skeleton that was a birthday present, inside joke. His name is Leonard.
vintage Playboys, photo of my mother and I from my first trip to Korea 14 years ago
My favorite Cynthia Rowley mug, it's huge.
I'm super lucky to have such an awesome view of the city. I can see north, west all the way to New Jersey, and east to Brooklyn and Queens.
Sun setting in Jersey