A recent purchase, this super thin leather jacket that feels softer than cashmere and drapes beautifully. It has a sort of matte finish that makes it look delicate like fabric and from far away it looks like a sweater. Wearing with super wide leg pants I bought last winter when I had an obsession with this silhouette

Vince leather jacket, Kain shirt, Zimmerman pants, Chanel ring and watch.

This weekend I also threw another dinner party! Usually it's mostly girls but this time there were 5 guys that eat a ton so I made hearty fall comfort foods. Zucchini gratin, Julia Child's famous beef bourguignon recipe, and individual apple & cranberry crisps that were made with the apples that I picked. While they were baking my friend and I made a dash to a deli across the street for some vanilla ice-cream to scoop on top OMG so good, the hot and cold combination was out of this world. I highly recommend the bourguignon recipe even though it was a bit labor intensive and painful..hot oil was splattering all over me while I sauteed the beef. It was the first time I ever made it and even though I am usually not a fan of beef dishes this was as Rachel Zoe would say, ah-maaazing!

might look a bit unappetizing but the photo lies!

birthday boy got a candle :)