Black tie

Last night my parents and I attended a KACF gala in the city which was an amazing event, very touching speeches and stories. It was a black tie occasion and I wanted to take advantage of the rare opportunity to dress up :) I went to Phillip Lim knowing I would be able to find something there..and I did! Asymmetric black silk and chiffon, with lace ruffle details. I love the contrast between the different materials. There was only about 25 minutes for me to get ready after class, so my hair and make-up were kind of sloppy haha, oh well.

I didn't bring my camera so my mom took a quick shot of me before.
Phillip Lim dress, YSL shoes, vintage beaded clutch, Isharya earrings

And for some more pretty things, I had dinner at Eleven Madison and these are the complimentary mini macarons and fruit pate they always give after dinner. The orange one was my favorite, tasted exactly like how fall should taste. A lot of restaurants do the truffles and macarons after dinner, but they're always so mediocre. Eleven Madison actually tastes like theirs are from a French bakery, mm!