A study in sequins

I'm really excited about this jacket that I scored from Zara. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I LOVE SPARKLY THINGS. While shopping there with my friend Brian pulled this off the rack to show me and I totally swooned. It's a relaxed motorcycle jacket that's super comfortable and very cute. I'll probably take pictures of it without flash because these do no justice since the sequins are actually matte. The best part was the amazing price - only $80! So another disco piece for my closet :)

"Vintage" tshirt from Alternative Apparel, Acne jeans, Prada booties
Same tshirt, Zara jeans, Prada shoes

An outfit I put together a while back: Uniqlo trench, thrifted sequined sweater, JBrand jeans, Prada booties, Givenchy bag. I found that sweater for $16 from Beacon's Closet, it's pretty amazing because you can see me reflecting light from a mile away it's so damn shiny!

The famous Chanel sequined shorts from Spring 2007! I waited patiently for these babies and when I got the call that they arrived I dashed over to Chanel and couldn't believe I got my hands on them. HOWEVER, I returned them because the sequins did start to unravel in a few spots within the week that I got them so I didn't think it was worth the price tag. But looking back, despite how beautiful the shorts were I wouldn't have worn them that often. More likely would have framed them. Sorry my photos are a little sad, these two are the only ones I could find out of what I shot :/