Hot mama

I'm not sure where it came from, but I sort of have baby fever right now. Well more like I'm falling in love with the idea of having my OWN family more so than squealing over strangers' babies in their strollers..I've actually never been keen on kids but my itch to become a mother is kicking in...too early! However the vain thoughts come streaming in. Childbirth! Morning sickness! Stretch marks! Declining sex life with the husband! A loss for any sense of style! But then a breath of relief comes when I see photos women who are impeccably dressed from street style blogs.

Ok, first of all whose baby is this and where can I get one?!
Reminds me of Lily in SATC when she wears a mini tweed Chanel bag and the jeweled cupcake bag by Judith Leiber!

Of course, the amazing Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace.
This outfit she wore to a wedding is one of my favorite Kate outfits.

This I found on the Sartorialist a while ago and I've been obsessed with it ever since.
Her entire outfit just screams effortless from her hair to the loose jeans, the undone zipper, and the slightly dowdy and clunky boots. I love it.

Then during my more senior years, I hope to graduate to looking as chic as ever. Leonor Scherrer looks SO HOT. Will I be able to wear such stilettos when I'm 50+?

And of course, Anna Dello Russo. Look at that BODY. Omg.
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