Who doesn't love free stuff???

Courtesy of Chickdowntown, a website that has an amazing stock of designer clothes and accessories, I've been asked to select one lucky reader to receive a free pair of Current Elliot jeans that I personally picked out :)

Some info about Current Elliot for those who are not familiar: Started by a pair of LA stylists-turned-designers, they launched a new line of chic, desirable denim. The Current Elliott label received praise from Vogue magazine’s July issue in citing it as “the most refreshing denim line to come out of LA’s jean scene in a long, long time.” Personally I really love how they have the perfect vintage "worn and torn" finish to every pair, this makes for a laid back and effortless look.

I picked these because they're super slim, stretchy, and a perfect black pair of jeans is a closet staple! They make the perfect bottoms to go with everything from big knit sweaters for lazy days to embellished tops for going out.

The terms of the contest: Unfortunately it's only open to U.S. readers (sorry!) and it will run for 15 days, until July 3, 2009 at 12 p.m. EST. Leave a comment along with an email address or somewhere to contact you and I will RANDOMLY choose someone to receive the jeans! Along with your information any comments or feedback about the brand or the pair I picked out would be great!

Check out their entire Current Elliot jeans collection on the site. While you're browsing, take a look at their Nation LTD tshirts..something that would look sweet with any pair of jeans! Nation LTD is a company that creates really comfortable and classic vintage tshirts that are of good quality.

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Ask me any questions and good luck ;)