Spring time and the prom frenzy begins..

When people come to my apartment and see my large collection of Teen Vogue's they always ask me why I read it assuming it's a teeny-bopper mag with advice on how to control menstrual cramps and 5 ways to deal with peer pressure. Yeah, it does have those articles but I don't read them, I just drool over the youthful and fresh styling that they show. I was flipping through the April issue which always has prom articles and once again I was not disappointed by the styling choices. This month's prom issue was a moody and slight grungy twist to the usually flirty and uber-feminine editorials that I've seen in the past.

April 2008
Probably one of favorite editorials EVER, from April 2007. Ali Michaels is so cute here.

My own senior prom dress was a gigantic poofy Betsey Johnson with layers of lace and tulle and a wide magenta sash at the waist. I had to pick it up from the store in New York and when I got off the bus and out of the subway I literally ran as fast as I could because the store was going to be closing in minutes. The dress was worth the effort, the prom night...not so much.