DIY jeans and a new bag

I (like many other people I'm guessing) immediately bookmarked this woman's jeans from Jak & Jil and promised myself I would make myself a pair too but it's been a long time since I've committed to a craft project and actually completed it. Despite that, I ordered the studs online, they came in on Friday, and I sat down with a variety of tools (pliers ended up working best) and a glass of wine and studded for 2 1/2 hours straight while Food Network played in the background. Ta-da! Instead of light jeans I used this dark wash from Urban Outfitters and I think they look pretty good..and no they don't hurt when I sit down.

I also ordered dome studs just because they were so inexpensive and I'll see what I end up with :)

Speaking of studded things, how sick are these Givenchy gloves? You could wear these instead of brass knuckles to smash someones face in and I'm sure the damage would be so chic :P

I'm not that crazy about bags. Most of the time I wear my canvas tote bag that's cute but kinda dirty just because it's comfortable. I really love the simplicity of the YSL "Easy" bag, its good size (about 12" at the bottom), and the fact that the leather is supple but even if I scratch it the marks won't be so visible...basically a low maintenence bag that I can grab and go with. Also I needed a bag that wasn't black!