Long Time No See

Well it's definitely been a minute since I've updated this site but I'm happy to say that I made the decision to start posting again! I thought about the fact that I had put a lot of hard work into creating this blog and what had originally started as a hobby had become something so much more and I thought it was due time to pick it back up again. Documenting my style is something I've done for well over thirteen years on various platforms and while it may seem vain and frivolous to some, I enjoy doing it - as simple as that. Pink Horrorshow has always been straight to the point and a clear focus on my style with some glimpses into my personal life and I hope to always keep it that way. I've gotten messages over the course of my hiatus from readers asking if I would please go back to blogging and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's paid any attention to me since I started this seven years ago, it really means a lot.  xx

Earlier this year I was living in Paris for a few months which some of you may have known if you follow my Instagram. It was the first time I wasn't visiting as a week long tourist and to say that I loved it would be a total understatement. Being immersed in French culture was refreshing; adopting their habits and of course taking notice of  Parisian style was inevitable. Fortunately while I was there the euro was ridiculously low so I took advantage of that and was able to find something that I had been looking for years: a lightweight oversized menswear inspired coat. It's one of the best things I bought while living there, I'm obsessed with it and it's great because I can wear it casually during the day or throw it over something more formal in the evening and it looks good both ways. Points for versatility! Since nearly everything from Céline is oversized and thus makes me look like I'm swimming in their clothes, I had the sleeves tailored by a genius seamstress who had her shop next door to my apartment and turned it into something great to something perfect.

Céline cashmere coat | Vince sweater | Levi's jeans | Gucci shoes | Saint Laurent bag | Ray Bans